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Product Codes:   LM-DF5L-1500

 Technical Data Sheet

JAN 2010




DuraFoilTM has eight layers:

  • UV resistant polyester film

  • Heat-resistant adhesive

  • Aluminium foil - 97% reflective

  • Heat-resistant adhesive

  • Clear polyester film

  • Woven fibreglass reinforcing mesh

  • Heat-resistant adhesive

  • Clear polyester film



DuraFoilTM is designed as a cool roof - reflective laminate to be applied primarily on top of roofs, but also to walls and to services, for the purpose of thermal insulation in locations where a high resistance to air pollution and other aging factors is required.

 Reflectivity & Emissivity

DuraFoilTM has an overall solar reflectivity of 83.4% + 2.5% and emissivity of 77% + 2% at the time of manufacture.  This is achieved by using a superior quality bright reflective foil, with a reflectivity of 97% and special pigments.  The reflectivity of this foil layer is initially reduced by the surface layer of UV-resistant polyester film, which protects the foil and preserves the reflective properties over a period of many years.


DuraFoilTM thus forms a barrier to radiant heat, eliminating 83% of solar heat gain, keeping components cool in summer.  The installation of DuraFoilTM on an existing dark roof-top will typically reduce the temperature of the roofing material from as much as 90 degrees Celsius on a very hot still day, to no more than 48 degrees Celsius i.e. maximum 2 to3above ambient.




The construction of DuraFoilTM ensures the maximum longevity.  The outer surface is a UV resistant polyester film, with a life expectancy of at least eight to ten years.   The woven fibreglass mesh acts as a rip-stop layer.  The adhesive used is highly resistant to high temperatures and all the components are resistant to oils and other hydro-carbons. 


DuraFoilTM was developed in response to concerns by building designers and managers that existing reflective paints and other coatings often lose their reflectivity rapidly with age, as aerial pollutants accumulate causing discoloration of the surface.   Products with a pure aluminium foil surface also tend to quickly lose reflectivity due to corrosion where there is a high level of air pollution.


By contrast, the UV-resistant polyester film that forms the surface of DuraFoilTM can be expected to remain clear and transparent for the lifetime of the product.  Any accumulation of dust or stains can be readily washed off restoring the reflectivity of the product.  Mechanical damage is minimised as polyester film has a relatively hard, resistant surface.


  Water and Vapour Barrier

DuraFoilTM achieves the following classifications under AS/NZS 4200.1:

Water Barrier                                    High

Vapour Barrier                                 High


DuraFoilTM also acts as a water proofing layer when pasted on roof tops with water proofing adhesive.



DuraFoilTM contains a general fire retardant.  Building systems laminated with DuraFoilTM will generally achieve a fire rating of “Low” under AS/NZS 4350.3.

N.B.  This Australia/New Zealand Standard relates to a whole finished building system, not to the laminate considered alone.


 Tensile Strength


DuraFoilTM achieves the following when tested under AS/NZS 4200.1:

Machine Direction Tensile Strength                      5.5 kN/m       

Lateral Direction Tensile Strength                         5.5 kN/m

Machine Direction Edge Tear Resistance              160 N

Lateral Direction Edge Tear Resistance                 154 N






DuraFoilTM is available in 60 metre rolls 1200mm wide.  Other sizes supplied on request.



This Technical Data sheet is provided for guidance only.   No representations are made as to the suitability of this product for application to any specific building or equipment.  Advice should be sought form a qualified services engineer as to the appropriateness of the use of this product for any specific application.


Manufactured in Australia by Silver Batts Insulation Systems

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Reflective Insulation System - Silver Ceil complies with AS/NZS 4200:1, woven polypropylene with anti-oxidant superior tear resistance