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Insulation System - Silver Batts

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Silver Batts
Reflective foil insulation systems

1 Open and press folded Silver Batt the opposite way in order to memorize natural position.  


2 Apply adhesive with spatula approx 9-12 dolops (size of 50c, 15mm thick) per Silver Batt (depending on winds).   3 When gluing stagger Silver Batts on ceiling, start with a straight edge (as per normal tiling).
4 Press Silver Batt into position on ceiling, apply pressure on adhesive areas.


5 When Silver Batt is secure, slowly open it into its natural position.
  6 When boxing in beams and bulkheads, Silver Batts should be cut lengthwise in half and glued at a 90 degree angle.


7 Other services can easily anchor through Silver Batts into concrete slab. Once this is done the contractor need only cut around the fixture to release the Silver Batt into its natural position.

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