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Insulation System - Silver Batts

WaveCore Silver Batts TM between C-Section Purlins

The System
The WaveCore system consists of two components packed in separate boxes:

Opening Silver Batts

Double-Layer Silver Batt                                Corrugated Core    

Original position of batt in pack.

Cutting to size    

Cut Double Layer Silver Batts before opening them. Cut slightly less than the distance between purlins to allow for ease of installation. ─ Be careful not to cut too short. Purlins are not always installed perfectly parallel so do not cut too many Silver Batts at one time. Cores can be  conveniently cut with garden secateurs when compressed.


Hold bottom flange with right hand and pull top flange with left hand. Move progressively along batt until spacers are vertical. Keep pulling on top sheet until the Silver Batt is flat and top sheet is in opposite position to original position.

Silver Batts can be supported at one end on the bottom chord of the purlin. Support must be provided at the end which meets the back of the next C-purlin. A C-section track is recommended. Suitable tracks are available from any plasterer's supply. Rondo part #400 or Metal Building Systems part #T51 can be used. The advantage of using a
track is that the Silver Batts cannot easily be dislodged by activities in the building. The installer can be confident that there will be no call-backs.


Hold bottom flange with left hand and pull top flange with right hand until spacers are vertical.

Attach channel one length at a time. Slide WaveCore Silver Batt into the channel from the end. Attach next length of


Reflective Insulation System - Silver Batts WaveCore Silver Batts between C-Section Purlins