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Insulation System - Silver Batts

High Top Silver Batts installation instructions

Installation Instructions

In most situations two sheets of plywood of approximate dimensions 1800 x 450 x 15mm laid side by side (or several narrower boards) will be required to lay across the joists to form a working surface.
Pass unopened packs of Silver Batts and WaveCore inserts through the man-hole and stack across joists beside kneeling boards.
Open packs and remove Silver Batts from packs one at a time. Expand as follows to form cells between layers.

General installation instructions

Original position of Silver Batt in pack.

Hold bottom flange with right hand and pull top flange with left hand. Move progressively along batt until spacers are vertical. Keep pulling on top sheet until the Silver Batt is flat and top sheet is in opposite position to original position.

Hold bottom flange with left hand and pull top flange with right hand until spacers are vertical.

Insert one WaveCore into each cell of the Silver Batt. Two people can work together effectively; one forming Silver Batts, the other laying .

Lay first course of Silver Batts across ceiling joists, pressed into intersection between joist and rafter.
In cold climates, after laying first course, to ensure the highest possible effectiveness, drop Silver Batts cut to appropriate lengths between rafters to rest over first course of Silver Batts and top plate of wall. (This step is unnecessary in warmer climates.)
Lay second course of Silver Batts with joints staggered (brick fashion). Cut neatly around obstructions with scissors.
Lay the length of both sides of the roof, then lay the last row in the centre retreating to the man-hole. Cut Silver Batts length-wise to size with scissors if required.

Roof prop/struts
Line Silver Batt up against prop and mark position.
Slit as illustrated.
Pull Silver Batt into position; push excess neatly around prop.


Hanging Beams

Some older houses have ceiling joists suspended from hanging beams.
Lay courses of Silver Batts until hanging beam is reached, which will typically be after 5 or 6 courses.
If the gap to the hanging beam is small (50- 75mm) ease Silver Batts apart to close the gap by reducing the overlap of the interlocking flanges at the edges of each Silver Batt.
For a wider gap, slit the Silver Batt along its length, placing the cut edge against the beam.

Installation between joists (Optional)

Silver Batts may be installed between joists on 450mm centres by folding the flanges back and sta- pling to the tops of joists leaving an air space between Silver
Roof trusses on 600mm centres
In truss roofs an alternative installation technique may be used as shown in the above illustration:
Lay rows of Silver Batts against each side of web members - leaving about a 300 mm gap between rows.
Cut Silver Batts to the length of space between trusses and lay over the gap.
Roof trusses spaced at 900mm centres
Lay Silver Batts longitudinally (two rows) between the trusses, on top of the ceiling battens.
  Batts and ceiling. This is particularly suitable when access to the roof space is required on a regular basis. In this case a passage can be created by installing a row of Silver Batts between joists down the middle of the roof.
Where joists are not on 450mm centres, Silver Batts should be first cut across their breadth and then cut again most of the way through to create a stapling flange at each end.
Roof trusses spaced at 1200mm centres
Lay a row of Silver Batts along each truss on top of the ceiling battens.
Span the gap between the two rows with another row of Silver Batts.

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