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Insulation System - Silver Batts

Double Layer Silver Batts between furring channels

  Clean, healthy
Fast installation
Moisture Safe
A build-up of moisture can dramatically reduce the performance of fibrous insulations and contribute to corrosion and eventual failure of structural members and cladding. Non-absorbent Silver Batts overcome this problem, and eliminate the need for a separate moisture barrier.
Occupational health and safety

Silver Batts contain no Synthetic Mineral Fibres (SMFs):
No need for installers to use air filters or special protective clothing.
No need to encapsulate materials.
No need to cordon off work areas during installation.
The non-hazardous nature of Silver Batts fosters an improved
industrial relations environment.
Construction Schedules
Since Silver Batts are not bulky, they can be ordered in advance and stored on site until needed. In addition they greatly reduce congestion at loading docks and hoists. Installing Silver Batts can shorten construction schedules by a week or more as other trades can continue working alongside Silver Batts installers.
The system offers significant savings on the cost of materials and labour. It saves the cost of a separate vapour barrier (required between concrete and bulk insulation) and can reduce labour cost by as much as 50%.

Small Footprint - Increased Building Value
 In high-rise construction, Double Layer Silver Batts between furring channels are around 40mm thinner than bulk insulation batts between steel studs. This saves 0.04 square metres of floor space per lineal metre of wall. Where the value of the finished building is say, $5,000 per square metre, floor space worth $200 is added to the building for every lineal metre of external wall on every floor of the building.
No"sick Building Syndrome"
Silver Batts are particularly appropriate for institutional construction and for offices where owners are conscious of the longer term commercial risk of "sick building syndrome ". Silver Batts are recommended by Asthma Foundations around Australia in preference to Synthetic Mineral Fibres.
R values
System R values for in situ conditions have been calculated by James Fricker, a leading independent engineering consultant, based on experimental data delivered from extensive field esearch, in accordance with Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4859.1.
These R values apply to mainland Australian coastal districts. For other locations, please enquire with manufacturer. The R ratings assume that the product is positioned hard up against
one side of the cavity, creating only two reflective air spaces. In the event that the product is positioned otherwise (creating an additional reflective air space) the R value will be greater than our claimed System R value.

Silver Batts systems have been extensively tested and trialled by Silver Batts Insulation Systems. Independent testing has been undertaken by the Australian Institute of Tropical Architecture at James Cook University in Townsville as well as by the Building Research Institute (Ministry of Construction) at Tsukuba Science City, Japan.

Product Dimensions
Lengths: Double Layer Premium extended Flange Silver Batts are generally supplied in custom lengths as specified by the client. This minimises the need for cutting on site. Standard lengths of 1200mm and 1350mm are available for small jobs. Widths: 450mm and 600mm.

Opening Silver Batts

Original position of Silver Batt in pack.

  When working around intrusions or obstacles in the air cavity, e.g.
wiring, Silver Batts should be installed so that one layer is located as near as possible to the centre of the cavity.

A single gap is not significant in a sealed wall system as it will not allow the formation of a convection cell. If more than two gaps are created in a single cavity, at least one of them must be suitably sealed (eg using duct tape). In ceilings gaps of less than 5mm will not materially affect thermal performance.

Fire resistance
When tested under Australian Standard AS 1530.3, Early Fire Hazard Test, by the Building Research Association of New Zealand, Silver Batts returned a four-zero rating, the best possible result.

Silver Batts, like all foil insulations, are specifically excluded from AS/NZS 3008.1, clause 3.4.3, which covers the de-rating of wiring used in conjunction with bulk insulation.
Single insulated conductors such as switches and sockets should be treated in accordance with AS/NZS 3000, clause, eg by simply clipping wiring together with a cable tie. Shrouds are not required.

Our Company
Silver Batts Insulation Systems specialises in applying the principles of reflective insulation to develop building insulation systems for the range of climatic conditions typical of Australia and much of Asia.
All our insulation systems must meet the following criteria:
safe to work with and to live with
superior performance
easy fit into existing building process
time saving
cost saving
We provide insulation systems for a wide range of situations. If we don't already have a system to meet your particular need,we may be able to develop one.
Silver Batts Insulation Systems is a member of the Australian Foil Insulation Association (AFIA) and adheres to AFIA's code of practice.
Hold bottom flange with right hand and pull top flange with left hand. Move progressively along batt until spacers are vertical. Keep pulling on top sheet until the Silver Batt is flat
and top sheet is in opposite position to original position

Hold bottom flange with left hand and pull top flange with
right hand until spacers are vertical.

Apply double-sided tape to furring channel using a gun-type
applicator. Press flanges of Silver Batts onto double sided tape to hold until plasterboard is installed.
Cutting: Silver Batts can be cut with heavy duty scissors or with a Stanley knife. As Silver Batts are generally supplied pre-cut to size, minimal cutting is required.







Silver Batts Reflective Insulation System Double Layer Silver Batts between furring channels Insulation System. Silver Batts systems have been extensively tested and trialled by Silver Batts Insulation Systems.