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M/s Holland l.P. USA.
M/s Silver Batts, Australia.
M/s Durel, Germany..
M/s Faigle, Austria.
M/s Duflot, France.
M/s Interep, France
M/s Smc Pneumatics, India
M/s Bayer, Germany.
M/s Seaclear Industries, USA
M/s Mason Industries, USA
M/s Rock Delta, Denmark
M/s Vaber Industries, Italy
M/s Aquasys, Austria
M/s Changzhou Jiangnan, China
Automatic Twist Locks.
Rail Pads
Insulation System
Brake Parts


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The Automatic Twist Locks has been approved by following Organization and Institutions. 

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Automatic Twist Lock Supplier Manufacturer, Model 68830 Holland Design for Containers on Rail Cars, Coach Automatic Twist Locks Rites Approval