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M/s Holland l.P. USA.
M/s Silver Batts, Australia.
M/s Durel, Germany..
M/s Faigle, Austria.
M/s Duflot, France.
M/s Interep, France
M/s Smc Pneumatics, India
M/s Bayer, Germany.
M/s Seaclear Industries, USA
M/s Mason Industries, USA
M/s Rock Delta, Denmark
M/s Vaber Industries, Italy
M/s Aquasys, Austria
M/s Changzhou Jiangnan, China
Automatic Twist Locks.
Rail Pads
Insulation System
Brake Parts


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Customer Base

  • Wagon Builders
  • Texmaco
  • Titagarh
  • Jessops & Co.
  • HEI
  • Modern Industries
  • Container Corporation Of India
  • Northern Railway
  • Pvt. Wagon Operators



At Sanrok we have successfully supplied our Automatics Twist Lock to the mentioned companies above. We have regularly increasing customer base for automatic twist lock. The components are also exported to the principal in USA.


utomatic Twist Lock Customers of Sanrok Enterprises= Wagon Builders, Texmaco, Titagarh, Jessops & Co., HEI, Modern Industries, Container Corporation Of India, Northern Railway, Pvt. Wagon Operators