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Angle Cocks are used in air braked rail vehicles to isolate the brake pipe and or main reservoir pipe at the ends of the vehicle. They are installed at both ends of the vehicle.  If the angle cocks are closed, the connected hoses are vented so that the hoses can be uncoupled without any danger.
The angle cock housing has a rubber seal and a spherical design cock bolt / segment. As we move the handle to closed position the cock bolt rotates and   is   in   contact   with   sealing   ring   thereby interrupting   the   communication   between   the vehicle  mounted  pipe  and  the  coupling  hoses.   The coupling hose pressure is vented to atmosphere through vent cap / exhaust holes. When the cock bolt is operated in open position the hollow section of the cock bolt flushes with the direction   of   the   flow   thereby   permitting   an unobstructed air passage. In order to prevent an intermediate cock position handle  is  provided  with  a  snap  action  device ensuring that the handle always takes one of the end positions.