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Composition Brake Blocks

Sanrok supplies Non Asbestos Composition Brake Types for all types of rolling Stock requirements. The product range in this category is Low Friction "L" type for Freight / Passenger stock & locomotives. We also supply "LL"  type Brake Blocks with a direct replacement of cast iron Brake Blocks. whereby no modification to the brake system or brake rigging is required.

High Friction "K" type series are also supplied for passenger freight and Suburban EMU's. Very High friction "H" type brake blocks are also manufactured co- efficient of friction 0.3 to 0.48.

The Brake blocks supplied confirms to UIC 541 and AAR M-926 Standard.


Non Asbestos Composition Brake Blocks "L" "LL" "K" "H" type UIC 541 and AAR M-926 Standard